When it comes down to the feature of right product with right price, you will never miss out on this one. Vandy Vape has now featured and introduced the Kensei 24 RTA which has maintained within a very efficient system to provide the best levels of comfort and luxury to its users. A honeycomb airflow system has been embedded within its walls. The sole purpose of making the product this way is to regulate the airflow system and this will eventually bring the atomizer to the best of the form and shape.

The unique feature about this product are the holes present in the walls. 12 holes are present on each side of the wall which help the honeycomb system with the regular airflow. The user will get a brand new vaping experience by using this product. Besides the airflow system, there is another feature which adds on to the grace and beauty of this product. Bubble glass is present in the product. This is done to increase the juice efficiency which has already been held in the product.

Kensei RTA hold up a juice container. It can contain up to 2 ml of the juice which can easily be replaced by 4 ml. All of this can be done by the replacement. The user just has to replace the regular pyrex glass tube with a bubble glass. This is done easily and one can ensure that the height of the container doesn’t increase thereby delivering the utmost full flavored taste.

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