Taifun GS II Rebuildable Atomizer Clone

Product Description of Taifun GS II Rebuildable Atomizer Clone

Features of Taifun GS2:

Tank made of Glass and has 3ml capacity

The 18mm format can be flush with PIPELINE PRO Slim. The 19mm and 18mm are the choice of TGT GS2 diameter it only needs to change the lower airflow ring.

Cotton fiber freak or silica or resisitive wire are mounted with the bottom plate of resistor. The bottom two holes of central plateau generate resistance via the fluid reservoir above the liquid supplied. The flow of liquid facilitated by PTFE tubes supplied or ESS Mesh Tube.

The Taifun GS2 recorded the best as it is with the accessories who are very versatile having 3 slots of airflow ring to the heading dripper and triple opening higher airflow. It will make Taifun GS2 very smaller and convenient to use.

Package Contents:

1pc Rebuildable Taifun GS2 Atomizer
1pc Glass Tank
1pc Plastic Tank
1pc GS RDA allowed by dripping Cap
1pc One home ring AFC (spare)
2pcs Tube of air
9pcs Different sizes O rings

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