eGo C Starter Kit

[ECW] 1100mAh eGo C(Changeable System) Starter Kit

Product Description:


eGo C kit is highly demanded in ecig industry because it is replaceable atomizer. Ones your atomizer becomes out of order you don’t need to change whole atomizer just change atomizer head with new one. You will not face sudden ending charge because it indicated all the time remaining power so you will batter knows when to charge. eGo T batteries and accessories (Old eGo) both are compatible with atomizer and batteries. For only your choice we have launched 1100mAh eGo C with unique changeable system starter kit.

Set Contents:

2 x eGo C 1100mAh batteries
5 x eGo C 2.2ohm Atomizer Heads
5 x eGo C Empty Clear Tank Cartridges (Same as eGo-T Type A)
2 x eGo C Atomizer Body
1 x eGo C USB Battery Charger (Same as eGo/eGo T USB charger)
1 x eGo C USB Wall Adapter (Same as eGo/eGo T USB Adapter)


 GO-C e-cig  152mm for length
 14 mm for diameter
 3hs for charging time
 Cartridge for eGo C  200 puffs (2s per puff)
 Battery  1000mAh for capacity
 97mm for length
 1300 puffs for full battery
 More than 300 times for battery life ( charge&discharge cycle times)
 Packaging material  Gift box
 Weight per set  430g
 Packing size

 142 * 82 * 66mm

Get started quickly

How to replace the atomizer head?

Use hands to unscrew the atomizer’s base.
Remove only head of old atomizer.
Replace new head same as old head atomizer was.
Screw the atomizer cover.

Please note:
eGo T type A liquid standard tank is usually utilized for the eGo C atomizer. It’s really easy to fill and refill also you can monitor remaining liquid anytime.
To start eGo C, batteries have on/off button you have to press it 5 times frequently same as ego T batteries have (pressing button time is 2 seconds to activate battery)
The eGo C battery can indicate power status through illuminate colors, when battery power is less than 10% it will light up Dark Blue light, when battery power become 10% to 50% it illuminate light blue color, when battery become 50% to 100% it will illuminate white light.
There is a separate empty tank cartridges with kit so, no need to fill inside the atomizer constantly. Make sure to fill e juice before start using it.
Ejuice/eLiquid which contain all or a mix of VG may not feed very well in the eGo-T /eGo-C system.


Battery & body: 60 days.
Other parts: only accept DOA.

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